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Ever the consummate professional, giving his all for every show. Every station needs their own Brian James, I’m lucky enough to have the original!

As you can see from my photo I am a mature man who has travelled a lot and certainly seen more than a little of what the world has to offer. Having spent most of my life as a professional singer/compere with a well known cruise liner company I decided to venture into the exciting world of radio and after spending the last few years with other stations, learning my craft and all that goes with it, well as much as this old dog can learn new tricks anyway, I decided to move on for a fresh start and an exciting challenge that was offered to me.

To be involved in Smart Radio from the ground up, helping to be a part of something new was just too big a chance for me to pass up on and I’m enjoying every second of it. It seems there is still life left in this ‘Old Presenter Yet’ and the road ahead is looking fun, fresh and friendly. I hope you can find time in your busy schedule to tune in, listen and share some Snap Crackle & Pop with me around my breakfast table on Sunday's, Monday’s, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday's and together we can slowly get to know one another and enjoy the journey. Wherever it may take us.


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